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We work with local government and regional business groups to help SMEs fight climate change. Find out more here.

Your roadmap to Net Zero

Create a sustainable future for your business and uplift your community. Zellar connects the dots to make going green simple, actionable and affordable.

Helping UK businesses fight climate change...

What can Zellar offer your business?

  • Understand the environmental impact of your business with detailed emissions tracking
  • Establish a clear plan of action with the Zellar sustainability action list
  • Cut costs with access to the best green energy deals, and sector-specific green tech recommendations
  • Get on the road to Net Zero, with access to certified offsetting projects, volunteering programmes, and opportunities to support biodiversity

Planting trees is great, but it's not enough...

Our unique green marketplaces cut out middlemen and save you commission fees on everything you need to hit your Net Zero targets.



Green tech


Getting started with Zellar



Know where you stand, and where you need to improve


Take action

Make impactful changes to get on track for Net Zero



Share your sustainability story with the world!

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In less than 15min we'll help you understand how your business can start getting sustainable. You'll also have the opportunity to meet other like-minded businesses and start your journey together.

How Zellar can help me?

We can help any size of organisation and in any industry

For all businesses

We work with UK businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the league of chartered accountants, to the Union of Zumba instructors. Our green tech platform covers 64 unique sectors, so your recommendations are always relevant.

For local government

The UK government is funding meaningful steps towards sustainable business at a local level. We've partnered with a range of local government, and regional business organisations, aiming to empower sustainable businesses and fight climate change.

Please contact our partnerships team for more information.

For larger companies

We partner with progressive enterprises to provide subsidised access for their members, allowing their business customers to enjoy all the benefits of Zellar at a fraction of the cost.

Please contact our partnerships team for more information.

For education

Zellar is running a number of pilot projects with student organisations across the UK. If you would like your school or college to be part of the story of tackling climate change, please get in touch.

Please contact our team to find out more.

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