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First step or already on your green journey, we bring together all the sustainable services that’s SMEs need to measure, benchmark, reduce, offset and promote their sustainable journey.

All modules combine to create your customised net zero strategy and sustainable business action plan in lowest cost and most efficient way possible.


Understand and measure your scope 1 emissions with our easy-to-use carbon emissions calculator, micro sector templates and tools.

Take steps to reduce and compare your scope 1 behaviours and emissions with similar businesses both locally and nationally

24/7 access to your scope 2 electricity and gas emission data – building history and informing your net zero forecast

Improve your carbon footprint and compare your scope 2 emissions with similar businesses both local and nationally – regardless of who suppliers your energy. Manage scope 3 supply chain emission reposting and benchmarking coming soon.


Take action to reduce your emissions and costs through staff engagement, behavioural change and adopting new business practices. We share with you sustainable ideas which help you to reduce emissions and support the environment through an easy to follow sustainable plan

Our peer-to-peer sustainability marketplace saves time and money by connecting you directly to leading green tech and renewable energy suppliers. Helping make, track and monitor changes and recognise the impacts in real time.


Achieve Net Zero by calculating and offsetting your residual carbon emissions with verified local and international woodland, peatland, and soil projects.

Our peer-to-peer sustainability marketplace saves time and money by connecting you directly to carbon offset project owners.


ESG Environmental, Social and Governance standards are important for every organisation, that is why we provide a way to measure and manage all these aspects of sustainability. Your responsibility goes beyond carbon emissions your business has a responsibility to volunteer, reduce waste, water consumption and to offset your biodiversity impact.

Our peer-to-peer sustainability marketplace saves time and money by connecting you directly to biodiversity project owners, waste suppliers and environmental charities.


Keep all stakeholders informed as every step of your sustainability journey, captured and shared through your Zellar and social media profiles.

Zellar sustainability reporting is being created to support supply chain, RFP and any future mandatory government requirements. Our profile badges are awarded for the actions that each business takes to make a positive impact on the environment, a visible way to prove and share your sustainable operations.

Build a better business by being sustainable

Zellar gives you everything you need to become sustainable one place, providing you with a personalised plan you can implement at your own pace?
  • Free carbon calculator

  • Benchmark your carbon footprint with similar businesses

  • Get a personalised plan to reduce emissions

  • Transition to a range of green suppliers

  • Reduce costs through green initiatives and technology

  • Offset your carbon footprint and plant your own trees

  • Showcase your sustainability progress on our profile

  • Gives you a transparent sustainable plan

Zellar Casestudies

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Zellar CEO & Founder

“I wanted to create a business that made a difference today and to the world we leave behind for our children. Our planet is heating up and we want to help cool it down.”

– Gary Styles, Founder

Why become a sustainable business?

We understand that businesses face a lot of challenges in developing a sustainability strategy and reaching Net Zero, it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s why we created Zellar: to make the sustainability journey simple, affordable and accessible for businesses by bringing together all the services SMEs need to measure, benchmark, manage, offset and promote their sustainability journey into one easy-to-use platform.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for more ways to improve your sustainable business practices, we can show you how you’re operating, provide you with a customised SME sustainability ideas, best practices and connect you to the people, products and services you need, all in one place.

Become part of the UKs most connected sustainable community

Zellar makes is easy for anyone, anywhere to track the real time environmental impact of a business or community and invest in sustainability initiatives for business.

See the behaviours, actions, investments, emissions, offsets and good deeds of people committed to green, low carbon, eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

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Sustainable business opportunities in every sector

Every business has the opportunity to reduce emissions, however at Zellar we understand that every sector is different that is why we profiled 64 sectors to generate personalised sustainable business plans to help focus on the sustainable changes you make in each sector. Go to each sector page to discover more.