We make going green, simple, actionable and affordable

One platform to help your business take action on climate change

Together we make community climate impact

Businesses using our platform are investing in our futures and making an impact on climate change


Tonnes of carbon offset


m2 of natural habitat restored


Green technology, biodiversity and volunteering projects supported

Together we are taking action on climate change

Understand the environmental impact of your business

Accurately calculate your business's carbon footprint, based on:

  • Direct emissions (how much energy you use, and what kind of energy you use)
  • Secondary emissions (ie. shipping, employee travel)
  • Supply chain emissions (coming soon...)
Establish a clear plan of action
  • Take practical steps to boost your business's sustainability week by week, and build your Zellar score
  • See what factors that contribute to your score, so you know where to focus your attention
Benchmark and track your progress
  • Your community climate actions together create a Zellar score that you can use to track your journey and benchmark yourself against comparable businesses, so you know exactly how well you're doing
Save money by going green
  • Beat expensive broker fees by going direct with Zellar. We connect you to the best green energy tariffs, and manage your switch
  • Zellar recommends green technology to implement based on your sector, boosting your energy efficiency, and saving you money over the medium to long term
  • 64 sectors supported
Access certified offsetting programmes
  • Build an impressive offsetting portfolio to share with your employees and customers
  • Select from a wide variety of programmes based here in the UK, and abroad
Share your journey to become a sustainable business champion
  • We create content around your key milestones, letting you share your sustainability journey with world
  • Delight your customers by showcasing your commitment, and inspire your community to take action

Going green doesn’t have to cost the Earth

Businesses on Zellar can reduce their direct emissions by 50%

Zellar member resources

As a Zellar member you get access to a suite of tools, resources and documents for your sustainability journey

We are putting businesses at the heart of a global conversation about the climate; providing the knowledge and experience to help us be #sustainabletogether

How Zellar can help me?

We can help any size of organisation and in any industry

For all businesses

We work with UK businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the league of chartered accountants, to the Union of Zumba instructors. Our green tech platform covers 64 unique sectors, so your recommendations are always relevant.

For local government

The UK government is funding meaningful steps towards sustainable business at a local level. We've partnered with a range of local government, and regional business organisations, aiming to empower sustainable businesses and fight climate change.

Please contact our partnerships team for more information.

For larger companies

We partner with progressive enterprises to provide subsidised access for their members, allowing their business customers to enjoy all the benefits of Zellar at a fraction of the cost.

Please contact our partnerships team for more information.

For education

Zellar is running a number of pilot projects with student organisations across the UK. If you would like your school or college to be part of the story of tackling climate change, please get in touch.

Please contact our team to find out more.

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