Get to work on your carbon footprint

We’re here to make managing your business’s sustainability as easy as managing your credit score.

Getting started is super-simple and it will take you less than a minute to get going. Pop in a few business details and you’re on your way. Our technology connects you to the data behind your business, giving you access to the measures you need to manage your sustainability. No matter who your energy supplier is, or whether you switch to a new one, Zellar will keep tracking your journey to carbon zero.

Will you be our first hero to zero?

Access the scores behind your business in less than a minute.

Score and compare your fuel mix

We’ll let you know where your energy is coming from. This could have one of the biggest impacts on your business’s carbon footprint. The more energy we create from the sun, the wind and the sea, the better. 

See how much of your energy is coming from renewable sources.

Score and compare your usage

We’ll let you know how much energy your business is using. You know how much your energy costs you, but do you know how much you are actually using? We’ll give you the number behind your business and compare you to others across the UK. 

See your energy consumption so you can start reducing it.

Score and compare your CO2

We’ll let you know how much CO2 is being emitted to power your business. CO2 emissions are the biggest driver of climate change. However good our intentions are, we all leave a carbon footprint. But together, we can make that smaller.

See your impact, so you can see how far you have to go to get to zero.

Be a pledgemaker

Make your pledge to carbon zero

We need to get the UK to carbon zero before 2050. We want to help you get there before then. Why not make a pledge and set yourself a target for when your business will get to zero. Share your pledge with your customers – they’ll love you for it.

Lots of little changes create big changes

Getting your scores and making your pledge is only the start. We’ll help you on your sustainability journey by showing you how you can start reducing your carbon footprint straight away. 

From top tips to detailed sector specific energy saving guides, we’ll give you access to both the information and the technology that will fast track you to carbon zero.

Unlock energy savings to finance your journey

Energy is probably one of your biggest overheads, so by using less, you’ll welcome smaller monthly bills.

With Zellar, we not only help you use less, but buy for less. We can connect you directly to a range of energy suppliers, so you get access to the best commission free prices.

With none of the hidden fees you pay when buying through brokers or price comparison sites, we’ll help you unlock additional funds to help finance your journey to carbon zero. Upgrade to renewable energy, or invest in energy saving products for your business? The choice is yours – better to invest it in your business than filling someone else’s pocket. 

We’re only just getting started too, we have lots of new features and functionality coming soon.

Sustainability score

Our boffins are busy building the algorithm that will compile all of your data into one sustainability score. This will be The score to put on your front door.

Get on the map

See how other businesses close to you are performing. Nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to give you an added motivation boost. 

Celebrate your success

Celebrate all of your successes on your way to carbon zero, and share these with your customers on your social channels.

If you want to help us test our new features, get in touch.

Be the change

Start your sustainability journey with Zellar today.