Transition to
renewable energy

What does transition to renewable mean?

Transitioning to renewable refers to replacing fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal, with renewable energy such as wind and solar.

Why is it important to transition to renewables?

By transitioning to renewable energy sources, we reduce the harmful effects of energy consumption on our environment. Using renewable energy means we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help prevent climate change. Renewable energy sources are natural meaning they are sustainable in comparison to fossil fuels which will eventually be depleted.

Why should my business transition to renewable with Zellar?

The Zellar platform helps customers compare energy prices for electricity and gas with added information detailing how selecting a particular supplier will affect their carbon emissions. This means the customer gets the best price for their energy as well as information on how they can reduce their building’s carbon emissions at the same time.

The Zellar platform clearly differentiates how green the energy that each supplier is offering really is. Zellar is constantly checking with suppliers directly on their energy sources and their practices with respect to ‘greenwashing’. We then clearly mark this in the selection criteria for customers to make an informed choice. The real carbon emissions and impact will be displayed for each product available.

There are no commissions in the energy supplier prices displayed and therefore customers will receive the most competitive offers. Customers will not have any hidden charges that they might have with either energy brokers or other price comparison websites.

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