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Profiling and promoting the UK’s sustainable businesses.


Welcome to Zellar’s sustainable business profile. Individual profiles of the UK’s sustainable, green, eco and responsible businesses.

Each of the businesses profiled are committed to climate action and taking measurable steps to provide sustainable products and services. As part of the Zellar community they are detailing the steps they are taking in each area covering behavioural actions, green technology, deep green energy supply, offsetting, biodiversity and volunteering investments for positive action. These are then published on Zellar for their customers, employees, investors and communities.

By promoting and supporting UK businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible we are helping to create a more sustainable economic future.

Zellar badges/accreditation

Zellar profile badges are a visible way to prove, share and promote businesses with sustainable operations, rewarding the actions each business takes to reduce emissions and have a positive impact on the local community and environment.

Our profiles enable businesses to promote and attract new consumers as part of their journey and helps provide more sustainable choices and support local UK businesses which is better for the planet and profits.

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How to profile and promote your business

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