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With a whole range of different points of view, papers and opinions, there’s no doubt
that sustainability can seem a complex term.

We’re here to make sustainability simple.

What is sustainability?

Here’s a simple business definition:

A sustainable business, often known as a green business, is one that operates in
harmony with the environment, the community, consumers, and its business goals, striving to have a positive rather than negative impact on the planet, including the local environment, community, and economy.

At its core, environmental sustainability is about conserving the natural resources of the world. Producing less emissions and using less – and more responsibly – we can help protect our planet from threats like climate change. Sustainability will enable the growing global population and the planet to co-exist in harmony.

In general, sustainability revolves around 3 basic principles:


Living within the means
of the planet’s natural


Maintaining long-term
wellbeing for people and


Delivering a profit, but not
at the expense of the other
two components

Sustainability as a service

Sustainability guide for small businesses

Small business sustainabiity can often seem difficult to understand, that is why we have produced a simple guide to explain what it means and how to get started.

Net Zero = Not putting more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than you take out

The objective for Net Zero

The objective for Net Zero is to encourage businesses to operate in a responsible way for the environment. To do this they need to manage their business in a way that minimises their impact. The principle is that if all businesses can reach, and then maintain Net Zero then the world will reduce its environmental pollution and halt global warming. To do this Net Zero best practice encourages businesses to reduce their, (and their supply chains), greenhouse gas emissions as much as practically possible, and then to offset the residual emissions with initiatives that absorb carbon from the environment. Increasingly businesses are also investing in biodiversity and rewilding projects to create a positive change.

What does sustainable business mean?

In a nutshell, a sustainable business is one where profitability, concern for the environment, and social commitment work together in harmony.

This includes what you do (your product or service) and how you do it (the way you operate). A sustainable business focuses on green practices that reduce emissions and go beyond profit. They work towards being transparent about their processes and create products and services that are less harmful to the environment.

Business sustainability comes down to a few main ideas:


Reducing consumption

Reducing CO2 emissions

Sustainability Service

Carbon emissions calculator

Check out our quick carbon emissions calculator for a sneak peak of your carbon footprint.

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Jargon buster

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