Improving your sustainability improves business

Sustainable retail on the rise

Many large retail businesses are making significant changes to reduce their carbon footprint, monitor waste and ensure that the working environment of their staff is safe and fair. Although smaller retail companies do not have the same issues this does not mean that they can ignore the need to be sustainable. Consumers are growing more concerned with the impacts of fast fashion and are consciously choosing to not shop with these brands, instead they are turning to items that have been manufactured and marketed in the most sustainable way possible.  

3 top causes of emissions in retail


Manufacturing process




Heating or air-conditioning or lighting

Average retail emissions

By analysing trends and data through Zellar Panorama, a 

UK retailer on average emits 22.2 tonnes of CO2

through their electricity and gas consumption per year.  

7 football pitches

would be needed to absorb this amount each year, based on the average annual Woodland Carbon Code sequestration rate (across 100 years). (1)

What is a sustainable retailer?

The leaders in sustainable retail are setting up the path to revolutionise their industry through bringing sustainability to the centre of their brand and business strategy. Becoming a sustainable retailer takes into consideration every aspect of the product life cycle from design to sale, and use, reuse, repair, remake and recycle. At the heart of every step the environment and communities involved is a top priority.

Why is sustainability so important to retail?

Retail SMEs in the UK released 4.2 million tonnes of CO2e in 2019 making them the second most polluting industry in the UK (2), and with both consumers and investors focusing on sustainability and social responsibility before deciding on where to put their money it is in the best interest of retailers to make a change.
According to a report by Accenture, 45% of consumers have started making more sustainable shopping selections in the wake of COVID-19. (3)

How Zellar helps retail

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Customised roadmaps:

There is a programme unique to retailers, providing benchmarks, insights, behaviours, investments, and local offsets.

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All in one place:

Retail owners can access all the key components that make up their sustainability programme in one place.

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One annual payment:

We’re making sustainability accessible and affordable for all retailers with pricing starting at £125 per annum.

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How does it work:

A simple sign-up process, leads retailers into their custom sustainability programme that can be followed at their own pace.

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Share the story:

Every step of your journey to Net Zero is made available for sharing via your Zellar profile, Zellar directory and across your social media platforms of choice.

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65% of consumers

plan to purchase more long-lasting, high-quality goods.(4)