How becoming sustainable can increase your business’s success

Sustainable pubs on the rise

Pubs have experienced some tough times over the past two years, and with COVID restrictions still in place it’s time to focus on ways to drive down costs and increase revenue whilst giving customers what they want. Having a sustainable pub will allow you the opportunity to decrease your energy consumption, reduce food wastage, and limit the use of non-recyclable materials benefiting both your bills and the environment. Publicly sharing your journey to Net Zero will strengthen your competitive lead in a tough market and draw in the eco-conscious consumer that has seen a significant rise triggered by the pandemic.

3 top causes of emissions in Pubs:


Heating or air-conditioning


Catering equiptment



Average pub emissions

By analysing trends and data through Zellar Panorama, a

UK pub on average emits 30.5 tonnes of CO2

through their electricity and gas consumption per year.

10 football pitches

would be needed to absorb this amount each year, based on the average annual Woodland Carbon Code sequestration rate (across 100 years). (1)

What is a sustainable pub?

Sustainable pubs, also known as green pubs, are making conscious decisions to limit their impact on the environment and contribute to helping reduce the overall effects of climate change. From sourcing all products and produce locally, and switching to paper straws, to offering customers their leftover food in takeaway boxes with the possibility of minimising wastage.

Why is sustainability so important to pubs?

There are two main reasons that pubs should be focusing on sustainability: firstly, research carried out by Forbes suggested that 60% of consumers buy products and services from companies that are socially and/or environmentally responsible (2).

Therefore, through being a sustainable business you will attract and retain a large part of the market. Secondly, there is a huge cost saving element with 20% of all energy usage in pubs being for lighting. By installing LED bulbs pubs could be saving around 70% on their lighting load, whilst still getting the same output of light. It’s a win, win!

How Zellar helps pubs

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Customised roadmaps:

There is a programme unique to pubs, providing benchmarks, insights, behaviours, investments, and local offsets.

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All in one place:

Pub owners can access all the key components that make up their sustainability programme in one place.

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One annual payment:

We’re making sustainability accessible and affordable for all pubs with pricing starting at £125 per annum.

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How does it work:

A simple sign-up process, leads pub owners into their custom sustainability programme that can be followed at their own pace.

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Share the story:

Every step of your journey to Net Zero is made available for sharing via your Zellar profile and across your social media platforms of choice.

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of respondents

said that sustainability had been a deciding factor when choosing where to go eat. Sustainable Restaurant Association Survey (3).