How becoming eco-friendly can increase revenue.

Sustainable offices on the rise

2020 has dramatically altered the way we work and a conversation on whether remote working should be implemented in the future has been triggered. Large corporations are reducing their office spaces to save money and consequently reduce their carbon emissions, whilst offering staff flexible working structures to maintain productivity and morale.

3 top causes of emissions in offices


Heating or air-conditioning


Catering equipment



Average office emissions

By analysing trends and data through Zellar Panorama, a

UK office on average emits 33.8 tonnes of CO2

through their electricity and gas consumption per year.

11 football pitches

would be needed to absorb this amount each year, based on the average annual Woodland Carbon Code sequestration rate (across 100 years). (1)

What is a sustainable office?

Offices are becoming more aware of their carbon emissions and with added knowledge of the negative impacts they are having on the earth, along with increasing pressures from customers, changes are being put in place. Offices are opting for sustainable designs that include high-efficiency systems, re-purposing furniture, and ensuring office supplies are eco-friendly. 

Why is sustainability so important to offices?

The office work industry is the most polluting in the UK compared to the total emissions of all SMEs by industry, emitting 4.9million tonnes of co2e in 2019. (2)

Turning your office green through small energy saving changes, as well as changing the company culture, will have huge benefits in reversing the impact of climate change and help to transform your working environment. 


How Zellar helps offices

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Customised roadmaps:

There is a programme unique to offices, providing benchmarks, insights, behaviours, investments, and local offsets.

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All in one place:

Office owners can access all the key components that make up their sustainability programme in one place.

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One annual payment:

We’re making sustainability accessible and affordable for all offices with pricing starting at £125 per annum.

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How does it work:

A simple sign-up process, leads office owners into their custom sustainability programme that can be followed at their own pace.

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Share the story:

“Every step of your journey to Net Zero is made available for sharing via your Zellar profile and across your social media platforms of choice.”

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of UK businesses interviewed said they now have a greater focus on sustainability. (3)