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How cutting your emissions will grow your customer base.

Sustainable hair salons on the rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for sustainable hair salons due to the rise in eco-conscious consumers and a newfound urgency for resilient business models. With the many closures and new requirements that have taken place, salons that have incorporated sustainable practices into their everyday functions and overall design layout are taking the lead in meeting customer demand.

3 top causes of emissions in hair salons






Specialist equipment

Average hair salon emissions

By analysing trends and data through Zellar Panorama, a

UK hair salon on average emits 10.45 tonnes of CO2

through their electricity and gas consumption per year.

3 football pitches

would be needed to absorb this amount each year, based on the average annual Woodland Carbon Code sequestration rate (across 100 years). (1)

What is a sustainable hair salon?

Salon owners are transforming their business with the environment, clients, and staff in mind to become eco-salons. Striving to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in energy saving practices, stocking products with a carbon negative footprint that can be recycled and using products that are free from harmful chemicals such as ammonia. 

Why is sustainability so important to hair salons?

One of the main issues we think of when it comes to hair salons and sustainability is the amount of energy used to heat up water and power their styling tools, but the problems lie deeper than that. 

Hair salons are known to be the largest contributor of high street waste with hairdressing foil being only 1% recyclable, bleach and hair dye being poured down the sink, many plastic bottles of products being used every day, and not to mention the masses of hair that is disposed of. (2)

4 out of 5 people describe themselves as likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability – An independent study commissioned by SmartestEnergy. (3)

How Zellar helps hair salons

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Customised roadmaps:

There is a programme unique to hair salons, providing benchmarks, insights, behaviours, investments, and local offsets.

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All in one place:

Hair salon owners can access all the key components that make up their sustainability programme in one place.

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One annual payment:

We’re making sustainability accessible and affordable for all hair salons with pricing starting at £125 per annum.

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How does it work:

A simple sign-up process, leads hair salon owners into their custom sustainability programme that can be followed at their own pace.

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Share the story:

Every step of your journey to Net Zero is made available for sharing via your Zellar profile and across your social media platforms of choice.

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More than

of women ages 18-35 and nearly 70% of women aged 35-44 (accounting for 24.6% and 27% of salon customers, respectively) reporting a strong interest in buying only from clean beauty brands. (4)