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Sustainable agriculture on the rise

With the farming community’s reliance on the weather, farmers are more aware than most of the challenges and risk that climate change bring. From the introduction of the governments Environmental Land Management schemes to Net Zero targets from Waitrose, Morrisons and the NFU, sustainable farming  is well and truly on the agenda. There is a growing opportunity for those farms that get on the journey to Net Zero first. 

Greener practices can often mean lower costs and therefore greater profits. Publicly sharing your journey can help you get a premium price for your produce and diversified enterprises. Some farms will be able to go one step further and sell their carbon offset or biodiversity projects to businesses and individuals.

3 top causes of emissions on farms


Methane from


Fertiliser usage


Soil emissions

Average farm emissions

By analysing trends and data through Zellar Panorama, a

UK farm business on average emits 300 tonnes CO2e per year

Farms also play a role in sequestering carbon – Overbury Farm in Gloucester estimates they are net sequesters of

over 350 tonnes CO2e per year

What is a sustainable farm?

Farms come in many different shapes and sizes. Sustainability looks different on each farm but it all starts with getting an understanding of your impact and making decisions to reduce that impact. Sustainable farms may be improving the width of their hedgerows, the health of their soils, the feed-efficiency of their livestock or the source of their energy.

Why farmers are joining zellar

Eddie Penrose, tenant farmer at Yeldwood Farm, Derbyshire

“We have been working hard to try to improve the sustainability of our farm. Part of that is by selling our produce locally. We feel that Zellar may be able to help us towards our environmental goals.”

Thomas Gent, regen farmer in Lincolnshire

“Our family farm has farmed regeneratively for around 12 years. I am looking into new ways to understand my businesses environmental impact and connect with other businesses looking to do the same. Zellar is the perfect platform for this.”

Lord Newborough, Rhug Estate

“Rhug Estate has championed the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming for many years. We joined Zellar to boost the Rhug brand and share our story.”

Hylton Murray-Philipson, Blaston Estate

“I have no doubt that the future lies in farmers delivering environmental services as well as producing food. Zellar has a unique ability to connect farmers delivering those services with companies who are keen to achieve sustainability targets through the purchase of domestically generated land based credits.”

How Zellar helps farms

Sustainable Business icon

Customised roadmaps:

There are programmes across arable and livestock sectors, providing benchmarks, insights, behaviours, investments, and the chance to buy or sell local offsets.

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All in one place:

Farmers can access all the key components that make up their sustainability programme in one place, and receive updates from our expert panel.

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One annual payment:

We’re making sustainability accessible and affordable for all farms with pricing starting at £125 per annum.

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How does it work:

Farmers can sell approved projects to local businesses and receive Zellar’s analysis of the wider market.

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Share the story:

Every step of your journey to Net Zero is made available for sharing via your Zellar profile and across your social media platforms of choice.

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Buying local is

As we emerge from the pandemic, 41% of consumers intend to buy more locally. Large buyers and farming groups are recognising the need for farms to reduce emissions and reach Net Zero:
  • Waitrose: All farms Net Zero by 2035
  • Tesco: 15% reduction in agriculture emissions by 2030
  • Morrisons: All suppliers Net Zero by 2030
  • NFU: Net Zero agriculture by 2040
  • McCain: 100% regenerative agriculture by 2030

Zellar expert panel

Key partners that support your sustainability journey. Our expert panel inform our work, ensure we build a product with farmers at its centre and will provide regular updates to ensure that you are not left behind.

sustainable farming Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

Nature Capital

sustainable farming Roger Davis

Roger Davis

Indigro - Independent Argonomists

sustainable farming Matt Hay

Matt Hay

Forest Carbon

sustainable farming Freddie Ingleby

Freddie Ingleby

Caledonian Climate Partners

Sustainable farming Ceris Jones

Ceris Jones


Together with our farming partners

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