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What is Zellar?

Zellar enables businesses to present their sustainability journey to their own as well as potential customers and employees. Zellar helps your business sustainability to be shared and used to promote and engage more customers and employees. It also allows businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to be able to see which businesses have committed to a sustainability journey with Zellar in their area through this location-based searchable sustainability map.

Why put your business on the map?

With an increasing demand for eco-credentials, some brands are claiming to be sustainable when they are not. We’re helping to bring transparency to employees, consumers, investors and supply chains so they can make informed decisions before purchasing from or working with a business. By having your business on the map we can help showcase your business as a business who has pledged to adopt positive sustainability actions and is on the journey to Net Zero. Customers can view business profiles listed and follow their sustainability progress from badges they’ve been awarded to posts they’ve written. E.ON’s Renewable Returns report based on surveys of small business owners and consumers across the UK showed that there is a need for sustainable business with ‘80% (of consumers) saying they are planning to purchase goods and services from businesses they know have made a concerted effort to be environmentally friendly’ (1). By putting your business on the map, you’ll help to drive awareness of your business’s efforts to reach Net Zero and give your business a competitive edge.

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