Be a partner for change

We all know we need to get to carbon zero. Now you can do your bit to help small businesses get there quicker. Whatever the size of your network, spread the word about Zellar to small business owners across the land and we’ll get them going on their journey to carbon zero.
Whether you are an eco warrior pumped up to tell your local community, an influencer with a strong small business following, the queen or king of your high street, or work for a corporate or an organisation that has got lots of small business customers, spread the word about Zellar, and get some credit for all the CO2 you have helped to save!
Get them to sign up at – it takes less than a minute – and to get them started we’ll show them how green their energy is, how much CO2 is being emitted to power their business, and let them compare themselves against other businesses locally and nationally.
Once they get going, we’ll help them reduce their energy consumption, and show them how much CO2 they have saved – and you can take some credit for that! The more businesses that sign up, the more we can save.