Our solution

Zellar is the world’s first sustainability platform. Our software enables businesses to measure, manage and communicate their sustainability journey in one place.

Introducing the Zellar platform

We set the standard for sustainability measurement, bringing much needed clarity to the market by simplifying and offering sustainable solutions for businesses while giving consumers a tool that signposts those businesses committed to making a difference. Each programme is unique, providing benchmarks, insights, behaviours, investments and offsets.

Zellar profile

A single view and easy access to the information needed to create the lowest cost and most efficient path to becoming a sustainable business.


With over 60+ micro sectors to compare, businesses can benchmark their sustainability performance within their sector to understand where they are and how to improve, kick starting their journey to Net Zero and more. 

Behavioural Change

Each initiative delivers a measurable economic, environmental and social benefit and teams will be guided on behavioral changes as they drive towards becoming a green business.

Transition to Renewable

We showcase energy suppliers, highlighting how green the energy supplied is. We also help save costs through the transition, so savings can be invested into greener projects.

Green technology products

We have a marketplace of green technology products to help businesses go greener.


Our offset portfolio enables businesses to invest in both UK and international offset projects to balance emissions.

Biodiversity Projects

Our biodiversity portfolio enables businesses to support UK projects from restoring peatlands to sea wilding.

Sharing stories

Sustainability highlights and stories are shared through the business Zellar profile, as well as social media – all managed through the Zellar platform.

Volunteering Projects

Through supporting a variety of UK charities, we guide businesses towards sustainable volunteering projects.

Put your business on our green map

Our directory showcases UK businesses who have started their sustainability journey with Zellar, helping customers find greener businesses.

Start your sustainability journey today