Choose from our marketplace of trusted UK and international offset projects, invest in a few clicks with no added fees, and easily share your offsets with your customers.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows businesses or individuals to invest in climate change solutions. When you purchase a tonne of carbon, you are funding the reduction or removal of 1 tonne of carbon emissions that would not have occurred without your investment.

Carbon offsetting projects are not all equal. There are a range of different standards that sign off the project’s quality and various project types from tree planting to peatlands, from renewable energy to efficient cookstoves. Whilst some very large businesses are forced to buy carbon offset through compliance markets in order to meet certain requirements, most businesses choose to do so voluntarily.

Over $5 billion per year spent on voluntary carbon offset projects (1)
Research forecasts the price of carbon could increase ten-fold over the next decade (2)
As of May 2021, there were 302 UK woodland projects with validated tonnes of carbon (3)

Why should your business offset

Businesses can only do so much, so fast, within their own operations. Supporting carbon offset projects is therefore a great way to have a bigger impact and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. This improves your brand image, allows you to connect with local sustainable projects and attracts customers, employees and investors.

With the UK set to be Net Zero by 2050, businesses of all sizes need to consider how they’re going to become more sustainable. By investing in offsetting, businesses can help balance out their emissions output.

By using Zellar, you can show that you are offsetting in the right way. This means finding the right projects and showing that offsetting is just one part of your wider sustainability journey.


How it works

  • Zellar have created a peer-to-peer market that allows our customers to buy carbon offset directly from suppliers.
  • Zellar take a fixed transaction fee of 3% to manage the transaction. The carbon offset projects treat this as a cost to market and maintain their direct price.
  • We have selected a range of trusted projects, with a particular focus on bringing UK projects to the market. Many of these UK projects have previously been inaccessible to smaller businesses.
  • In the UK, we focus on woodland and peatland projects that are backed by UK government standards. Internationally, we have projects that protect key forests or develop renewable energy.
  • Support for carbon offset projects will be added to your Zellar profile and made available for wider sharing.
  • If you own or are developing carbon projects in the UK then get in touch!
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Our partners

Our partners include Caledonian Climate, Forest Carbon, Gentle Farming and Offsetra. 

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