Embracing green technology is good for the planet.

What are green technologies?

Green tech refers to environmentally-friendly technology which aim to protect the environment and reduce our negative impact on the planet. Green technologies use less power than conventional or older products and are a far better option for businesses wanting to become more sustainable, save energy and lower their carbon emissions. We’ll provide you with insight into the different technologies, their energy usage and carbon emission reductions. We will also calculate any expected reductions in maintenance costs, how efficient they are compared to traditional products and where possible the expected payback time. We know sustainability can seem complicated that’s why we’re supporting businesses at a time, pace and budget that suits them.

Why use green technologies?

Green technology is more environmentally friendly as they’re designed with sustainability in mind, using recycled materials, built to reduce emissions, converse resources, consume less energy, reduce waste and be recyclable.

Net Zero best practice is about adopting a strategy to addresses sustainability across all areas of your business supply chain. Energy is one of the highest single cost items in most businesses, managed properly it can also be one of the easiest ways to reduce both consumption and carbon emissions. 

Zellar is here to help businesses understand their current usage and how to improve it with practical tips and advice. By supporting businesses to understand efficient technologies, how they can help their business and how to incorporate them into your sustainability strategy, we can help your business go Net Zero even sooner.

What green technologies should my business use?

Zellar’s customised roadmaps utilises micro sector data analysis, meaning we’ll provide you with the relevant products and technology specific to your type of business. By using green technologies, businesses can not only lower their carbon footprint but also their bills by minimising their energy use and creating a more efficient business. 

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