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How to become a sustainable business

Making business sustainability affordable and accessible

We understand the challenges businesses face in becoming more sustainable – that’s why we’ve launched Zellar. The journey to Net Zero or carbon neutrality can be easier to understand and more cost-effective with our help. Our goal is for all SME’s be Net Zero before 2030… quite a challenge but we know it can be done! Join us on our mission – sign up to Zellar to give you access to everything you need to become a greener, Net Zero business on one easy to use sustainable business platform. 

Sustainable business practices
and strategies customised for you

Our commitment to climate action is providing you with everything you need to reduce emissions, manage and promote your business by making sustainability simple:

  • Sustainable business data, tools and support to help to combat the devastating effects of climate change
  • Embrace sustainable business and Net Zero best practice by reducing your emissions as much as practical and offset the rest
  • Attract the best talent in your business by showing you are a sustainable business management team that cares about the things that matter
  • Generate more customers and prospects as more consumers and supply chains buy from green businesses
  • Grow your profits by transitioning to green suppliers and energy
  • Support UK local green initiatives and encourage others to do the same – we’re all in this together
  • Sustainable business practices are good for profits, customers and the climate

Sustainable business challenges we help you solve

How to build a sustainable business with Zellar

  • Create greener, sustainable business practices
  • Transition to green energy
  • Access green technology
  • Find local offsetting, biodiversity and volunteering projects to support
  • Promote and drive demand with your sustainable business profile on Zellar
  • Grow your business with new climate conscious customers
  • Profile and share your sustainability story online
  • Become a Zellar ambassador and get rewarded for your business sustainability strategies

How much does it cost to become a sustainable business with Zellar?

We want every UK business to transition to a sustainable business practices by having access to all the functionality and advice in the Zellar platform. The annual license fee starts from a little as £5 per week and gives you access to sustainable business ideas, benchmarking data and customised sustainable business strategies  for your sector. It’s simple and cost-effective to transition to greener business practices and capitalise on the growing demand from consumers to buy from businesses who are taking action to combat climate change. 

Business sustainability guides for small businesses

Small business sustainability may sometimes seem difficult to understand. Thats where we come in.. we have  produced two simple guides to explain more about how it works, and the ways in which your small business might benefit.

We can’t wait for you to join us and share your experience!

Let’s take climate action and become a sustainable business together.