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Help our community get access to the best energy prices. We are helping small business owners across the UK become more sustainable. To help them on our way we are working with a selection of energy suppliers who are providing exclusive access to the very best energy prices.

It’s a new way of buying energy. No commission. No hidden fees. No annoying phone calls. By removing all of these costs, we are unlocking hundreds of pounds for small business owners to invest in new ways to make their sustainability goals a reality. And we have built the tech to make this really easy for both you and our community.

Anyone can be a changemaker

Think of it as your new ‘direct’ channel where we can serve your best direct prices in a totally unbiased manner, and offer up a super-quick digital customer journey that delivers all the contracting steps in less than 5 minutes.

By saving you time and expense, we can then offer small businesses across the land, quick access to the best energy prices, hassle free.  If you want to be a Changemaker in the energy industry, and help us redefine how business owners power their businesses, get in touch.

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