Eco Warriors

You want change within your community

Get your local community to carbon zero faster​

Whether you are a scout pack, part of a club, or just want to make a change on your own, we can make it easy to make your town more sustainable. Speak to the small businesses in your town and get them to register with Zellar. 

The more that you can get to sign up the more insights we can generate specifically on your town. And we’ll tell you collectively how much CO2 the businesses that you have signed up have saved, so that you can take a little credit for it.

Anyone can be a changemaker

Whether you are an eco warrior pumped up to tell your local community, an influencer with a strong small business following, the queen or king of your high street, or work for a corporate or an organisation that has got lots of small business customers, spread the word about Zellar, and get some credit for all the CO2 you have helped to save!

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