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Becoming a sustainable business can often seem confusing and time consuming for the small busienss owner. Zellar have produced a range of videos and guides filled with tips, insights and best practices to make is easier to more sustainable now.

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Zellar carbon calculator

Understanding the carbon footprint of your business helps you understand the impact you’re having on the environment. The Zellar business carbon footprint calculator is based on detailed data from 64 micro sectors, giving you a benchmark based on others within your sector.

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Sustainable communities

We are supporting small business owners across the country to reduce emissions and build more responsible, sustainable and profitable businesses. Zellar is a community of parents, entrepreneurs, farmers, partnerships, environmentalists, suppliers, Growth Hubs, students and volunteers- all collaborating on our sustainability platform to build greener communities.

Sustainable business opportunities in every sector

Every business has the opportunity to reduce emissions, however at Zellar we understand that every sector is different that is why we profiled 64 sectors to generate personalised sustainable business plans to help focus on the sustainable changes you make in each sector. Go to each sector page to discover more.