Active Zellar user emissions are for their size and sector

Zellar is proud to support progressive businesses on their journey to Net Zero and beyond. Find out how our customers have been using our platform to achieve their sustainability goals.

Zellar users are taking action

We’re working with companies aiming to cut their emissions and become more sustainable today!

Redstone Accountancy Services Limited appointed a sustainability officer
OpenMoney completed their Zellar profile
Crystal Doors installed variable speed compressors
Mariners Guest House installed an air source heat pump
Hands on harps installed a smart thermostat
HiB Ltd offset 512 tonnes of carbon via woodland creation in the Lake District
Menagerie offset 131 tonnes of carbon via forest protection in Belize
The Willoughby Book Club Ltd planted 400 trees at Creating Tomorrow’s Forests
Wireless Alert Solutions logged 720 volunteer hours
Digi Accountancy offset 1 tonne of carbon via Woodland creation in Yorkshire
What our customers say

“Zellar has helped us find the right projects to invest in for a sustainable future”

Karina Jadhav
Managing Director

How Zellar can help me?

We can help any size of organisation and in any industry

For all businesses

We work with UK businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the league of chartered accountants, to the Union of Zumba instructors. Our green tech platform covers 64 unique sectors, so your recommendations are always relevant.

For local government

The UK government is funding meaningful steps towards sustainable business at a local level. We've partnered with a range of local government, and regional business organisations, aiming to empower sustainable businesses and fight climate change.

Please contact our partnerships team for more information.

For larger companies

We partner with progressive enterprises to provide subsidised access for their members, allowing their business customers to enjoy all the benefits of Zellar at a fraction of the cost.

Please contact our partnerships team for more information.

For education

Zellar is running a number of pilot projects with student organisations across the UK. If you would like your school or college to be part of the story of tackling climate change, please get in touch.

Please contact our team to find out more.

Zellar customers on Zellar
Join our network taking community climate action
Zellar has helped educate us and take the next steps... It’s quite daunting to become Net Zero but they’ve been there to help, educate and inform us.

Kerry Smith, Editor, Cross Productions

Zellar has just been brilliant… it really helps simplify the whole process. It can bring businesses and partners together, and demonstrate the benefits everyone can gain from decarbonising.

Gavin Fletcher Midlands, Energy Hub & LLEP

They did so much hand-holding to get us to where we are, which basically took the pressure out of it. We’ve focused on reducing our emissions, and off the back of that we’ve made savings financially, and with those savings we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint through offsetting

Karina Jadhav, Managing Director, Menagerie

It’s important we create a sustainable business for our employees and our clients. Zellar offers a platform that helps us all to understand that better.

Alex Watts, MRICS FAAV, Senior Surveyor, Fischer German

I think the first thing that Zellar has helped us with is to actually think about what we do and how we do it… The online portal has given us structure and an action plan, so when we are assessing our behaviours we are able to see the things that we can improve on, and put an action plan in place off the back of that.

Claire Macarthur, Head of Operations, Redstone Accountancy

I think in the past it’s been quite expensive to do, and also where do you start?! One of the things we’ve managed to achieve with Zellar is the ease of information flow to the business, to help make those decisions

Mark Dickens, MD Mobilize

Case studies


“The biggest challenge to becoming sustainable is to start your journey, and this Is where Zellar is really putting all of their effort into. “

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Going green doesn’t have to cost the Earth

Businesses on Zellar can reduce their direct emissions by 50%