3 ways to create a sustainable supply chain

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As sustainability builds momentum, businesses are receiving increasing pressure from customers, employees, investors and governments to take more responsibility for their impact on the planet. Businesses need to demonstrate how they are improving their operations to become more sustainable. Why are sustainable supply chains important? Supply chains are a fundamental element in assessing your impact […]

How to make your restaurant more sustainable

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Many people are aware of climate change issues and want to help however feel powerless about how to make a real difference. Eating at a sustainable restaurant empowers people to know they can make sustainable choices in their daily life whilst still enjoying the things they love to do, like dining out and spending time […]

3 rules to ensure you offset your carbon and biodiversity footprint the right way

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Why you need to offset the right way Carbon offsetting is an important step in a business’s sustainability journey. It’s also a controversial one with businesses that over-rely on offsets criticised. Zellar gives businesses the opportunity to support offset projects as one part of a wider sustainability platform, ensuring that our customers can offset the […]

How can small businesses reduce their emissions?

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As a small business, you may think your contribution to climate change is limited, however small and medium-sized businesses account for over 99% of private sector businesses in the UK and 45% of the country’s business energy use. Collectively, SMEs wield great power for change and it’s time to capitalise on this. A 2021 Forbes […]

5 sustainability trends for 2022

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With COP26 dominating news headlines, sustainability action is set to only continue to soar in 2022. Businesses need to not only be aware of the upcoming trends but also implement them into their sustainability strategy if they are to stay competitive.  From ESG investments to renewable energy, here are the top 5 sustainability trends for […]

The rise of sustainable web search terms

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There is no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic triggered many changes to our routine life and impacted almost every part of business operation. Many businesses that already had a strong focus on sustainability and transparency were better equipped to deal with this unprecedented situation and those that didn’t began to implement sustainable business practices to […]

From COP26 to Christmas – 5 Tips to Have a Sustainable Christmas at Work

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Christmas is coming and this year the Grinch isn’t the only thing green! This Christmas let’s give the planet a gift by going sustainable. Here are 5 ways you can make the festive period more eco-friendly. Gifts Over the Christmas period, many presents are exchanged and end up being thrown away with the wrapping paper. […]

COP26: why businesses need to take climate action

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COP26, the 26th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties, was held in Glasgow from 31st October- 12th November 2021. With almost 200 countries attending the COP26 summit, the conference has seen global coverage and have many asking if this is the turning point in the start of real climate […]

Zellar, LLEP and Business Gateway launch event

zellar presentation at launch event

On Tuesday 2nd November Zellar supported by the LLEP and Business Gateway hosted a launch event at The National Space Centre in Leicester with the joint mission to help Leicester businesses become more sustainable. LLEP and Business Gateway Growth Hub have sponsored 100 licenses for Leicestershire businesses to go greener. Existing Zellar Leicester businesses were […]

What is COP26 and why should businesses care?

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What is COP26? COP26 is the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference which will be held on 31st October- 12th November in Glasgow this year, co-hosted by the UK and Italy. The conference aims to unite parties, climate change experts and campaigners to accelerate climate change action set by the Paris Agreement. The conference will […]