Carbon emissions

How does Zellar help?

How does Zellar help businesses reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption?

The Zellar platform helps businesses to lower their carbon emissions and their energy consumption through investing in green technology, making behavioral actions and using green energy suppliers.

What is green technology and how will it help my business?

Zellar helps businesses invest in energy-efficient technology called green technology, so they can lower their carbon emissions. We select and present the relevant technology for each of 64 different sectors, making it simple for businesses to make smart, sustainable decisions. There are guides on each product as to how much energy and carbon each product will save and also the return-on-investment positions based on actual customers. Businesses can review investments and track how their carbon emissions have reduced over time.

What are sustainable behavioral actions and why should my business make them?

Our behavioural actions help you to understand where you can make changes to become a more sustainable business. Businesses are given advice on how they can reduce their emissions through better operational processes. In the same way that every business is unique, so is every sustainability journey, that’s why our advice is tailored to your business’s needs.

How can Zellar help my business use greener suppliers and how does it benefit my business?

The Zellar platform helps businesses compare energy prices for electricity and gas. We provide complete transparency showing exactly how green the energy offered is and detail how choosing a supplier will affect your carbon emissions. Our energy supplier prices are commission-free so that businesses get the most competitive offers. Using Zellar helps businesses make informed decisions on how to be sustainable whilst saving money when choosing their energy.

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