Sustainable business practices: What they are, why they’re important and how to apply them

What is sustainability and why is it important for business?

Sustainability is about acting in a way that won’t have a negative impact on the planet or future generations. Acting sustainably is vital if we are to protect our environment but it’s also important for protecting businesses and ensuring they too have a future. With more and more consumers concerned about our changing climate, its impact is affecting purchase decisions, with a study showing 89% of consumers are more likely to shop with businesses that display sustainable practices. By incorporating sustainable business practices into your business you are helping to align your business values with your customers.

What are sustainable business practices and why should my business have them?

Sustainable business practices are about changing the way you operate so your practices are more eco-friendly. Sustainable business practices can differ amongst businesses however the principal practices are based on reducing emissions, pollution and waste, using green energy and sustainable materials and encouraging sustainable behaviour. When adopting sustainable business practices it’s important to be transparent; consumers want to know about the processes behind their product, so by being clear on exactly how green you are and the steps you are taking to improve it will help drive more business.

How can I apply sustainable business practice?

Applying sustainable business practices may seem daunting; many SMEs want to make a change but are unsure where to begin, that’s where Zellar can help. Zellar can help you to apply sustainable business practices and more, we’ll help you to…

  1. Understand your emissions and benchmark: Zellar gives you the insight you need to understand what your emissions are, how they compare to other businesses in your sector and how you can reduce them.
  2. Invest in green technology: Zellar offers customised advice on 63 micro sectors, so you can get the tailored suggestions you need to make the most effective and efficient changes. By looking into sustainable practices, you’re given the opportunity to scope out innovative products and processes that use fewer resources.
  3. Offset your emissions: Becoming sustainable is about minimising your carbon footprint as much as possible, it is only once you have done all you can do then you should look to offset the rest of your emissions. We can connect you with offsetting projects locally and internationally to help you do so.
  4. Invest in biodiversity projects and take part in volunteering projects: Zellar supports businesses to be help nature thrive by connecting them with biodiversity projects and volunteering projects.
  5. Appoint a sustainability officer: Allocating a sustainability officer within your business will help you manage your sustainability actions and keep you focused on making positive change moving forwards, it’ll also help engage employees and showcase your commitment to making change happen.
  6. Share your progress: Being vocal about your sustainable business practices is crucial in attracting more people to your business as well as retaining current customers and employees. Zellar’s platform helps you to share your story and put your business on the map.


Study: 81% of Consumers Say They Will Make Personal Sacrifices to Address Social, Environmental Issues – Sustainable Brands

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