How to save money by going green

How to reduce emissions

One of the most important problems to solve if we are going to reduce carbon emissions globally is how are people going to change their way of life in order to make a difference. One of the largest contributors of carbon emissions in the UK are SMEs. SMEs, like consumers, only cause a small amount of emissions individually, but when added together have a huge and potentially disastrous impact on global warming.

SMEs could help reduce emissions globally by changing the way they operate. SME’s would not only become more sustainable with fewer carbon emissions but also save time and money.

Should I use an energy broker?

For many years, energy brokers have been charging small businesses large commissions to get them the best energy deals. The problem is that the energy market is not regulated, so the result has been that the margins that were made by the big 6 energy companies have now been spread out across thousands of small brokers and small customers are largely still paying the same prices.

Now that many suppliers are offering ‘green’ energy, there is now another chance for brokers to increase their margins further whilst not always ensuring that the energy supplier chosen is supplying a truly zero emissions or deep green energy product.

How can Zellar help?

Zellar has solved both issues within the emissions reduction part of its sustainability platform. Not only does the Zellar platform not charge commission for finding a new energy supplier, but it also publishes the emissions that will be caused per annum if you chose a certain supplier. If we believe a supplier is greenwashing and therefore not driving additionality of renewables onto the UK electrical grid, then we will be clear on the emissions that you will be contributing if you switch to that supplier. The lack of commissions alone should drive down your energy prices especially at a time when the UK energy market is at its highest point for several decades and has no signs of falling.

When saving money and getting a real zero emissions supplier, you can re-invest the savings in energy efficiency technology, saving more energy and costs which is good for the planet and for business. 

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