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We hope you’re feeling the love today. We’ve certainly been feeling the wind over the last few days here at Zellar HQ, and glad to see the back of Storm Ciara. We’re down a couple of umbrellas, but it was great to see that at least Ciara hit us with some positives. With wind turbines operating at record breaking capacity, the energy grid peaked at 56.6% wind power over the weekend. 

Hold on to your hats for Dennis this weekend.

Speaking of breaking records, we offered up a saving of over £7000 to a London restaurant this week – our biggest saving to date! They’ve now seen the light, and we look forward to getting them signed up soon.

Zellar Office Ground

The referral came out of a customer forum we held last week, where some of our early customers popped into Zellar HQ to share the inside track on their business challenges and pain points – giving us some great insights into how we can grow the Zellar proposition to add extra value in supporting their sustainability challenges.