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So you’ve moved to a new business premises.  You’ll have loads to do, but Zellar is here to help you make at least one of the jobs on your to-do list, as painless as possible.


Whilst probably not top of your list, sorting out your energy as soon as possible can help you to save money you would no doubt rather be investing in your business. Here’s a checklist of the key steps to help make you energy smart.


  1. Take a meter read as soon as you move in. You don’t want to be paying for the old occupant’s energy.


  1. Call the current supplier of the premises to let them know you’ve moved in and give them the readings. Don’t forget, there may be a different supplier for your gas and electricity.


  1. If you don’t know who the current supplier is, try these helpful links


  1. When you speak to the supplier, you’ll need to ask them to flag your new address in their system as under new ownership, so they can’t stop you from switching suppliers. Some suppliers will need to formally process you as the new owner, they will let you know how long this takes, and if they need any additional information from you to help this process.


  1. On hearing that you have moved in, the current supplier may try and arrange a contract for you right away. Be aware that agreements made over the phone are legally binding, so for now, just take a note of the prices they are offering and politely decline until you’ve shopped around.


  1. As a new occupier of the premises, you will be on out of contract or variable rates. This means that you could be paying up to twice as much as you should be, so you’ll need to move quickly to find the best deal for your business.


  1. Switching suppliers can take 2-3 weeks from the date you agree your new contract, bear this in mind when shopping around.


  1. To start off your search, check out Zellar at – – you can get a quote here in 5 minutes, with the reassurance that Zellar will find you the best rates, with none of the hidden commissions you will get elsewhere.


  1. As soon as your business phone line is up and running, you will probably be approached by energy brokers keen to get your business. Whilst some will genuinely be helping you to get a good deal, others may pressure you into a new contract, but all will include commission in the unit rates. Just remember to check out their rates vs the Zellar price, so you are always comparing costs against Zellar’s commission free-market rates.


  1. Once you’ve made your decision and agreed on your new business contract, with whoever you have decided to go with, the wheels are truly set in motion – your final steps are to;
    • Call the current supplier to let them know what day you are leaving
    • Keep an eye out for any communication from your new supplier – they will let you know how the switch is going and if there’s anything they need from you.
    • The switch will happen seamlessly, so don’t worry about your power being down for a period of time.


Whether you choose Zellar or not, we’d like to wish you all the best for your business – hopefully our guide has freed up some time, and helped you save some money.  Now go and make the magic happen!