Benchmarking your carbon footprint

What is Zellar carbon emissions benchmarking?

The Zellar platform provides the data and insights businesses need to understand how sustainable they are. Many businesses are faced with the problem of not having the data they need to compare themselves against similar businesses, either in terms of absolute consumption or in terms of carbon emissions. Primary emissions data is generally only available from energy suppliers, and it gets lost when changing suppliers. Without this data, building a Net Zero strategy and benchmarking where you are can be difficult. However, Zellar can help you.

How does Zellar benchmarking work?

Zellar’s platform has lots of benchmarking data, in fact, we have emissions and absolute consumption data for electricity and gas for 64 different sectors. So you measure your carbon footprint and get an average for your microsector. This allows you to benchmark your business against others in your sector so you can understand whether your sustainability is currently in line with, better or worse than others in your industry. Our carbon emissions benchmarking analysis helps you to understand where your business is now and how it can improve in the future. We present the benchmarking data along with your carbon emissions, offsetting and behavioural actions so you can see how long it’ll take for your business to reach Net Zero.

Why measure and benchmark your carbon footprint ?

Sustainability can at times seem complex and inaccessible, Zellar offers the tools to make it easier for you to understand your business’s sustainability position. Benchmarking your business is a useful indicator for you to understand how green your business is. By benchmarking you demonstrate to your customers, employees and investors your commitment to improving your green credentials. With an ever-growing demand for sustainable businesses by positioning yourself as actively seeking to understand your sustainability, you will attract new customers, employees and stakeholders as well as retain current ones. In addition benchmarking allows you to set clear business goals and accelerate your sustainability journey. It helps give you the insight you need to increase effectiveness and efficiency and become a more competitive and sustainable business.