Why are behavioural actions important?

There are many positive actions that when taken will significantly improve the energy efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment. By monitoring and managing the actions taken, and getting into a regular cycle of checking, you will reduce your energy use, improve the efficiency of your equipment and naturally identify issues and problems. By showing an example your customers and staff will recognise your leadership and take actions of their own to help further.

It is important to understand the actions your business can take and recognise the impact that this can have on your business. By doing so your business is able to run more efficiently, saving you time, money and helping you become more sustainable.

How does Zellar help businesses make behavioural actions?

Zellar presents the actions, specific to their sector, making it easy to understand how to make proactive change. Customers can review each piece of advice every month and note their progress against these actions, by noting if they have checked and acted on the advice, intend to make a change to incorporate the advice, have started to make the change, or have completed the change. The more they change, the more they will improve their operational behaviours, and this will in turn help reduce energy waste and the associated carbon emissions. Zellar behavioural actions are driven by individual data and insights so that you can track your behaviour and take the actions you need to get your business to Net Zero sooner.

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