We are the new way for small business owners to buy energy.

We bring transparency and simplicity to a world where real energy prices have been concealed and where the buying process is too time consuming and frankly, quite dull.

We are shining the light on the hidden costs that small business owners have needlessly been shelling out in fees and commissions when using the traditional ways to buy their energy.

Because we don’t think that’s fair.

That’s why we help our customers to see how much they have been overcharged.

That’s how we help them see the light.
And once they have seen the light? We help them to do something about it.

We’ve built super-smart technology that connects the energy providers directly to our customers. Bringing them the best options so that they can make the right choice based on their needs, not someone else’s.  Without the fees.
We save them time and money, getting them from quote to a contract submission in 5 simple steps.

Fee free. Call free. Paper free. Hassle free.

So far, our customers have saved up to £2000 each on their bills.

Money that can be better invested in their business, helping them to grow.

We think that’s more fair.