Lets go on a journey

It’s a big word, with big implications.  The facts are clear, we are facing a climate emergency, and we need to make changes now.  Because change is no longer an option. 

The UK needs to get to carbon zero by 2050, and we want to look back and say that we did our bit to help get us there faster.  So, we’re helping small business owners like you to do your bit.  Do your bit for sustainability by helping you to look after the planet and people.  Because when you do both, the rewards are rich – both for your community and your business. 

We know we all need to do more to reduce our carbon footprints, but you have your own worries.  You’re busy running a business, spinning multiple plates, and are concerned about additional costs. 

That’s why we created Zellar. To make it really simple to start making the little changes that lead to big changes.  We’ll make managing your sustainability as simple as managing your credit score.

We’ll get you started in less than a minute by showing you the key measures behind your business. Then compare you against similar or other local businesses.  We’ll then help you reduce your carbon footprint in the most cost-effective ways.  And celebrate successes along the way.

So when your customers ask what you are doing, you’ve got an answer.  And when they see you’ve got their back, they’ll have yours.

It couldn’t be more simple to change. 

Be the change

Start your sustainability journey with Zellar today.