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We want to leave our planet in a better state than we found it. Here’s how we’re doing it…

See how green your energy is

We'll show you how much energy you use and what percentage of it is from renewable sources.

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We'll show you how much CO2 is being used to power your business and you can compare your data with over 75,000 UK businesses.

See how to become more sustainable

We’ll give you the data, insight and support to help you be more sustainable in every area of your life.

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Sustainability made simple

We’ll not only connect you to the measures behind your business.  We’ve analysed thousands of small businesses across the UK.  We will compare your performance so you don’t have to, giving you insights generated by our understanding of these businesses.

Unlock the data to set you on your way to carbon zero without costing you a penny.

Businesses measured
Towns & Cities covered
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Become a changemaker

Anyone can be a changemaker. Whatever your business. Wherever you are. You can be the change. Lots of little changes soon add up to big changes. 

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More and more of my customers are asking me about how I am making my businesses more environmentally friendly.  Zellar is helping me to give them the answers, and reassure them of my commitments.


Restaurant Owner - Kent


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